Sunday, January 16, 2011

12 Months, Sixty Dollars and a Gameboy Advance: Introduction

Well,  last year I had a really good time finding out just how many great games you could blindly stumble upon for measly $5.  The game was simple: every month I would go down to my favorite second hand store, Must Have Music and More, with a crisp five dollar bill and select a PS2 game from their shelves.  From there the game was played and reviewed and judgment, my judgment was passed on the actual value of the game.  Was it a hidden gem worth far more than its meager price tag?  Or was it a pile of pixelated garbage that insulted Abraham Lincoln himself?

 The results were mixed, but on the whole I would wager that I made out pretty good considering the investment versus the quantity of decent games I came away with.  Whilst browsing the shelves at Must Have, I also noticed a sizeable collection of Gameboy Advance games also priced at five dollars or below, some even as low as three dollars.  Come on now.  The GBA has a vast library, it was a much beloved system.  The games originally retailed for thirty dollars or more.  Can these prices be serious?  Can these games be this bad, that they are now only worth a tenth of their original MSRP?  If my experience with the Playstation 2 is any indication, then there have to be some pretty decent games out there for these ridiculously low prices.

So, if you are ready and willing, and I haven't bored you to tears yet, let's set sail on another voyage of discount video game grab bags.  Back in couple of weeks with our first game: Marvel Ultimate Alliance!!
Will it live up to its $5 price tag???

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