Friday, February 27, 2015

EF is Back! The Triumphant Return!


Before I post any new content, let me say a few words about the Return of Electric Frankfurter.   If you don't follow us over on Facebook, shame on you, but you may be shocked to see a new post after two year's hiatus.  As previously indicated EF is, and always has been, a labor of love.  When our son Seamus McFly was born (yeah, you read that right), he took up a lot of our free time and EF became more labor than love, so it went on hiatus.

Now the boy is 2 and he's Mr. Independent most of the time, so that frees me up a bit more to pour some extra passion into sharing my hobbies and thoughts thereabout with you, the kind and caring public.

Of late I've been playing a lot of classic games thanks to my participation in the Atari 2600 High Score Club (which I highly recommend to all classic gamers!)  So you'll probably see me sharing a lot more thoughts on classic gaming.

I've also been playing a LOT of Minecraft on the XBOX360 so you can expect me to ramble on and on about that.

But most of all, and the thing that really brought me back to EF, was an ambitious project I started several months ago called the PURGE.  You see, I have a MASSIVE comic book collection.  And while there is much of it that is pure gold, there is also much that was bought out of habit more than true quality. So I have decided to read through the ENTIRE collection and find out what is in there that I truly enjoy and what I have simply because I bought it.  Hence, the PURGE.  What I found as I was reading thorough these collections, was that comic books have changed A LOT in the past 50 years and my appreciation has also changed with it.  I noticed that after reading the entire run of New Avengers that I could see a clear breaking point where the series "went bad." (It was Civil War, a common theme I am seeing in my collection).  I could also see where a strong writer really changed a series or character and the quality drop off when they left the book (John Byrne's FF and everything after until Heroes Return).  And naturally, because I am chatty, I wanted to share these insights.  There are some really greater writers and blogs over at CBR and I really enjoy reading their takes on classic and modern comics and I wanted to be a part of the conversation.  Make no mistake, I have no delusions of grandeur that I am CBR good or that I have the discipline to write a weekly piece for a website, but I do have my own little thing going in this shady corner of the internet and I figured why not flex those muscles again?

So here we are, the Rebirth of the Electric Frankfurter.  Still the place where I share my favorite things and my thoughts on them.  Still your place to be entertained and maybe educated about things you never knew existed!

iOS gamers, I still play Dragonvale (hello, Helen!), and the occasional other time waster, that I'm sure I'll ramble on about, but it's likely not going to be to the same extent as it once was.  That whole Mermaid World thing got kind of out of control and I need to dial it back a bit.

So if you are a long time fan, thanks for sticking around and/or coming back.  If you are a new, this is hopefully an exciting time to see all there is to see.  I'm not sure how often I'll have new, full blog entries, but there is more likely something new to see via the Facebook account every day or so.  And, as always, I love to have dialogue with you nice folks, so don't hesitate to chat me up via the comments sections here, or on Facebook (I honestly have no idea if the old email address for this still works, I think it might just be full of Applebee's coupons now...).  And if you like what you see, please share it with those you love.


Your Old Pal Stan

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