Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Top 30 Hardest NES Games Ever. Day 28


I'll keep this short and sweet: Anyone who claims that have beaten Q*Bert (without cheating) is a damn dirty liar and you should punch them in the face.

Yes, that little green bastard!
Honestly, I believe the game is beatable and maybe there is a true Q*Bert master out there somewhere who can beat this game.  Maybe.  But brother, we are talking about the elite 0.01%.  Q*Bert is freaking impossible.  It starts out innocent enough, but by level 4, you can just forget it.  Too many enemies attacking from too many directions, the solution for changing the cubes in each pyramid becomes too complex to achieve given the quantity of enemies, and there simply aren't enough extra lives and continues to give you a fair fighting chance. And just when you think you have finally worked out a win, that little green bastard shows up and wrecks the whole damn thing.  You may as well just jump off the edge and start over.

I made it to level 5-1 ONCE.  In 5 hours.  You can play a LOT of Q*Bert in 5 hours.  And to only get to level 5-1 out of a total nine levels?  Screw this.  Q*Bert is stupid, ridiculous hard.  There is nothing more to say.  I'm still annoyed by Q*bert and I haven't played it since last year.  Here, look at some screen shots:


Just frustrating.
Even William Paca is at the end of this rope.
Is it tomorrow yet?


  1. You're probably right, DinosaurPrince. I'm not the son of a Dinosaur or anything.